Rabu, 20 Oktober 2021

Blogging: Why We really really Love It!

Blogging is not a new activity, at least for those who joined the blogger a few years ago. But recently, it's become a platform for all kinds of social, commercial, and personal stories and information. Although blogging may have started as an internet fad, today, it is much more widely used in businesses and individuals. 

Blogging - tell your story.

Selasa, 19 Oktober 2021

Best ways to get free quality content for your website legally

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Some people are just happy to be published, and they contribute to sites like EzineArticles, where you can find content written about an extensive range of subjects that you can repurpose for free. 

Tips for Writing a Dissertation Review

After the abstract and introduction, the next important part of the dissertation is the literature review, which lays the foundation for your research process. For any dissertation to be authenticated and verified, a literature review evaluation becomes an essential requirement. Writing a sophisticated, thorough literature review requires more than just writing skills; it requires proper planning, fact-finding, and composition skills.

Rabu, 13 Oktober 2021

How to write a thesis in one week

Writing a thesis is an overwhelming task that most students get frustrated with when under such pressure. Sometimes students are required to complete their thesis in one week, which gives them a lot of stress. One week is such a short time to accomplish a thesis paper; however, it is possible if all the contents needed to achieve a thesis are available. The way to writing a thesis in a short time is to make sure you organize everything before commencing the writing process. 

If you hope to write a thesis in one week, I would like to share some important details. It might benefit anyone who is under pressure to do a thesis in one week. Steps in writing a thesis in one week.

Minggu, 10 Oktober 2021

The Dilemmas and Solutions for Online English Learning

This article was written by Nadira Syifa Azzahro, an English Department student at the International Class Program at IAIN Salatiga. This article was published on  www.solopos.com , July 14, 2021.

English is currently used as the number one lingua franca in the world. This international language is the most widely used and taught; besides that,  this language is also commonly used as the language of diplomacy and science. The reason many people study English is to make it easy to communicate when traveling to various countries. Therefore, many universities provide faculties that have English Education majors and English Literature majors.

Jumat, 08 Oktober 2021

Indonesian People is the Happiest Ever in this World

Sungguh mengejutkan tapi juga membaggakan membaca laporan dari Toronto, Kanada yang mengadakan sebuah jajak pendapat baru yang dilakukan oleh perusahaan riset IPSOS GLOBAL bekerjasama dengan majalah What make You Happy menemukan bahwa sementara delapan dari 10 (77%) warga di 24 negara pada umumnya mengatakan mereka 'bahagia' dalam kehidupan mereka, seperempat (22%) melaporkan mereka 'sangat ber-bahagia'- penelitian ini menggunakan ukuran instrumen penelitian yang mengidentifikasi kedalaman komparatif dan intensitas kebahagiaan di antara warga negara di dunia ini. Sedangkan penilaian umum kebahagiaan cenderung tetap dan statis dari waktu ke waktu, dan ukuran terhadap mereka yang 'sangat ber-bahagia' memiliki jumlah terbesar dan fluktuatif.